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“Superheroes fly ahead” was founded in the summer of 2018 by committed Hamburgers* and Dortmunders* on the initiative of our founder Mirko Klos aka the artist Dada Peng. The non-profit status of our association was established in October 2018. At the moment the whole superhero team and the board are working voluntarily.

In order to be able to implement our projects professionally and promptly, we need capital. Medium-term is our wish to be able to employ full-time employees to intensively realize projects on the basis of our statutes. The number one priority at the moment is our “Superhero Buddy” project. We would like to create a new generation of dying companions who are specially trained for the needs of young dying people by us. Therefore “Superheroes fly ahead” is dependent on donations.

In order to put our work in the first year on a secure footing, “Superheroes fly ahead” is dependent on donations of at least 25,000 euros.

Every donation helps us to improve the lives of young dying people. Even though our offer is primarily aimed at young people and young adults, our concepts and ideas are of course also applicable to 40/50 year olds.

We are all dying.



Check out our first trailer, to see what we want to achieve!