Hello everyone! Welcome to the website of  “Superheroes fly ahead”. We are a non-profit organization for young dying and their friends.

Fortunately, we are all getting older and older and remain fit into old age. The current hospice and care offers are very helpful for old people, but it is far from beeing attractive enough for our generation and for very young people. There is a lack of digital, social and cultural services, which we all certainly want to take advantage of if we should ever have to rely on a hospice or care place.
We all wish for a long life. But the changes that one day we want to take for granted must now be tackled. And these changes must grow from the centre of society. They must come from artists, athletes, media people, designers, chefs, bankers, vendors, all of us.
So far, hospice facilities have primarily been run by charitable or church associations. Accordingly the offer is also laid out. We must not leave these organisations alone with their tasks and concerns. We must support them. We have to say how we want to die? What do we want to have at our disposal then, how can we still determine and shape our lives as long as possible?
Finding answers to these questions and then implementing them is our mission as an association.
And we need your help and support!
At the moment we are mainly dependent on financial donations and support in the area of public relations.
Every Euro helps us, every press contact, every prominent supporter.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you want to share our mission, share gladly.

We want to train a team of young, competent superheroes, who will present our program in schools and talk to the students about “Dying & Hospice Work”. We shoot video clips with the pupils, produce songs and use new media to speak the language of the young people. We will connect on youtube, instagram and snapchat.

We are so excited and look forward to the first cooperation with schools and educational organizations.

If you are interested in having a Superhero Buddy Team in your school, get in touch!

More information about our “SUPERHERO BUDDIES” can be found HERE

Our association was founded on the initiative of the artist and our founder Dada Peng alias Mirko Klos. Above all, he wants to change the view of young dying people and says:

“When a young person is diagnosed with a fatal disease, it is felt to be particularly tragic at first. However, if death is no longer seen as the end, but rather as the goal, this perspective may change a little. For me life is a 10km marathon. We all run like stupid, we all start at the start and we will all reach the finish sometime. On the way we meet one or the other, stay at our side for a while, overtake us or stay behind. Those who reach the finish first, i.e. quite early, are superheroes for me. They are the fastest, the coolest, they are the ones who cool the drinks at the finish and cheer for the next ones during the race. Superheroes fly ahead.”

We’re all dying! Some people are simply more aware of this because of a disease, a diagnosis. We want to help to make this last phase of life more worth living and to fill it with life.

It is also our goal to promote an early handling of one’s own vanishing. If you are affected yourself, you often lack the strength to bring about change. What we want to change, we must change now!

We are delighted that you have found us and are curious to see what common memories will arise from clicking on our website.

Until then, to life!